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Full Version: June 2011 TEE Online Exam Form and New Exam Form

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For offline form, a DD is prepared by me for exam fees, but due to oversight it was prepared in favor of "IGNOU Jaipur" and payable at JAIPUR (My RC).
please tell me about in favor name which is "IGNOU JAIPUR" instead of "IGNOU". Please clear me about DD, is it OK or i need to prepare fresh DD/ Corrected DD which will in favor of "IGNOU" only (with out including RC city name)?


Only IGNOU payable at your RC city.
QUOTE (santanu @ March 10, 2011 10:01 pm)
I agree...that's the only one where everything is clear. But I think students can send email to Dr. Seema Goswami to get a clarification on all the issues. One comprehensive email would be enough instead of sending many emails...or no one would get any answers. Maybe even the IGNOU guys are not aware of all the problems (like the problem with debit card payment). So unless someone tells them, things would continue like this.

So, I'd send an email since she has already responded to my email. I believe these are the issues:

1. Banks not aware of IGNOU circular
2. IGNOU A/c no. not filled in challans for cash deposit
3. DD "payable to" name differs in two places

....correct me if I am wrong. And post any other issues which I should write in the email.

Hi santanu,

I think that is enough, it will clear most of our doubts.

did u get any reply ?
i have already filled online form(cash chalan), but union bank people does'nt have any idea....

waiting for a reply
QUOTE ( @ March 11, 2011 10:01 pm)
For offline form, a DD is prepared by me for exam fees, but due to oversight it was prepared in favor of "IGNOU Jaipur" and payable at JAIPUR (My RC).
please tell me about in favor name which is "IGNOU JAIPUR" instead of "IGNOU". Please clear me about DD, is it OK or i need to prepare fresh DD/ Corrected DD which will in favor of "IGNOU" only (with out including RC city name)?



It is better you get it corrected as IGNOU instead of ignou jaipur, to avoid complications at the most you will have to pay service charge. Payable at remains the same ie jaipur
QUOTE (karthik @ March 12, 2011 09:08 am)
did u get any reply ?

Before I send, I need some more information because I did not try the cash or the DD option personally.

1. Does not the challan generated in cash option have any IGNOU A/c number?
2. What does the challan that is generated in DD option mentions "payable to" as?
I sent the following email to Dr. Seema Goswami, Asstt. Registrar (Exam-II).

[info=Dr. Seema Goswami, Asstt. Registrar (Exam-II)]
Dear Madam,

Thanks for forwarding the details of my problem to the Bank. So far they have not responded or refunded the money and I am not sure whether they have rectified the problem. So I am apprehensive about submitting my form with debit card payment again.

Several students including me tried to submit fee online using different types of credit and debit cards, but these are also showing errors like :

Response Code : 2
Response Message : Transaction Rejected as Issuer not certified
Merchant Txn Id : 0611200302
Epg Txn Id : 201103090000483
AuthId Code :029552
RRN :106812000373
CVRESP Code :UError getting payment details....Didn't Find SUCCESS!

In these cases too, sometimes fees were debited and sometimes not. But in no case exams were registered or control numbers generated.

Apart from the above, I would like to attract your attention to the other problems in the online form:

1. Most branches of Union Bank of India are not aware of any tie up with IGNOU. So they are not accepting cash challan or issuing DD without commission. Although I have not tried personally, other students have reported that the challan generated online for cash payment does not mention the A/c details of IGNOU. So Bank staff are not accepting the cash because they are not aware about where to credit the amount. They are simply asking students to go from one branch to another.

2. As for the DD option in online registration, kindly let me know the exact "Payble to" option to be written in the DD. In the guidelines for filling the online examination form at , it is mentioned that the Demand Draft should be taken in favour of IGNOU and should be payable at the City of Regional Centre where your exam centre falls.

But in the page where the automatic control number is generated, It is given that

"Send the Demand Draft to Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, Block-12, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 by Registered Post or Speed Post. You must mention your Enrol. No., Programme Name, and Computer generated control No. on the back side of the Demand Draft. Demand Draft is to be drawn in favour of IGNOU and payable at New Delhi only. "

This is creating confusion. Kindly clarify which one is correct. Because now DD option seems to be the only feasible option, if the "payable" is clarified.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi All,
        I have completed my max duration for MCA in Dec 2010 without re-admission.
        I have to take re-admission.

        Please let me know when and how can I fill the exam form with this re-admission formalities. Shall I submit the exam form along with this re-admission form?

        Also I am working in Bangalore now. Thus, I want to give my June exams in Bangalore.

        Please let me know about this.

This time IGNOU has made it mandatory that registration of a student should be valid at the time of submission of exam form. So you should complete your re-admission formalities first. You can ask your RC whether you can submit both at the same time.

You can also go to the stage before the last stage of the online form (just before payment) where they are checking submission of assignments. Find out if it says something about your registration too.
Its better not to use credit/debit cards for online exam regn. Money is being deducted and then error is being shown. Exams are not being registered and control no. is not generated.  angry.gif
QUOTE (santanu @ March 10, 2011 08:40 pm)
Thankfully, IGNOU responded to my email on error in payment through debit card. They forwarded the mail to the bank:

Today I was checking the search option and I found that my exam registration has appeared there (after 4 days). I think it was due to the mail I sent to Dr. Seema Goswami, Asstt. Registrar (Exam-II), which she forwarded to the Bank.

In the meantime, I was experimenting with trying to register for just one paper (so that, if money is lost, I'd lose only 60 and not 300 again). And this time too, I lost the amount with no registration.

So, the system is still faulty. Its better not to use credit/debit card. Those who lost money in similar manner after using credit/debit card should write to Dr. Goswami with full transaction details.

As for the DD option, I have written a mail to her (check last post) seeking clarification about "Payable" option.

Never had so much trouble before with filling up the online form.   mad1.gif
it is really upsetting... mad1.gif
to go for creating DD is a pain... and that too with a confusion of where to send the same...
Lets wait till things get set right,hope for early rectification of these errors
I have one more question.

Do I have to make 2 Demand Drafts (1st for re-admission and 2nd for exam form)?

This time the per exam fee is 60/-?

I have abt 8 exams to give.

Then the re-admission fee is coming to Rs 13000/- and
             examination fee is coming to   Rs 480/- [60*8]

Please let me know.

Yes. Drafts and forms are separate for re-admission and for exam fee.

This time the exam fee is Rs.60/- per paper.
Hi Santanu,
                 I am registered under NOIDA regional center but want to give the exam in bangalore.

Please let me know if the DD is to be made in the favor of

IGNOU New delhi


IGNOU Bangalore

Also, please let me know the address to which I shall send the registered post for Exam form DD.

Check the original topic thread on exam form. I have sent an email on the matter to IGNOU.
Plz share that thread link.

QUOTE (vishalindelhi @ March 14, 2011 12:36 pm)
Plz share that thread link.


I am merging this thread with the main thread as two topics on the same issue should not be there.
QUOTE (santanu @ March 10, 2011 09:51 pm)
Check this

No assignment required for MCA students who have CS-60. Its probably for BCA or other streams. But in their programming, IGNOU probably made a mistake.

Now, what happens when they detect that assignment has not been submitted? Does the system allow to proceed and pay or does it simply stop there? And what about the cases where assignment has been submitted but marks are not updated online?

Rightly mentioned here that , Now there is only one option here that for all papers we can adopt on-line mode and for CS-60 offline .
Hopefully IGNOU will listen to this problem. I have sent a mail to IGNOU highlighting this problem.
Hi friends,

What the gist about the exam form? I think the “payable at” location of the DD is still confusing whether it is New Delhi or the Regional Location and also where to send the same. Can I make payment through SBI debit card as today I found in Online Form that only ICICI Debit Card is available?

Is “Cash Challan” option is rectified as previously no account no was mentioned on challan.  dunno.gif
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