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Full Version: Attendance in Theory Classes

vishal sharma
Hi Friends!

My study center maharaja surajmal college in delhi (under delhi rc 1) is taking attendance for theory classes. They mention that they recive the guidelines from RC that attendance in theory classes is compulsory from now onwards and if any student fall short of attendance of theory class he/she is not allowed to submit the assignments.

Posted for Information of Other Friends !
Strange! The rule change (if any) has not been intimated by IGNOU. In fact IGNOU has not published a programme guide since its hard to know. However, even in our class we used to sign the attendance sheet in theory classes. That did not mean that attending it was compulsory. It was more important to the SC to show to RC that classes were held and that  students attended the class and for the teacher to claim his remuneration.
According to information from our SC, attendance in the practical classes are compulsory.   A specific percentage of attendance in the practical classes are must, and any if they fail should reapply for the practical classes by remitting fees to IGNOU.  But rarely these all happens, as most of the SC's are with students.  We did not get any information on compulsory theory attendance yet.
As per IGNOU MCA guidebook, student needs 70% attendance percentage in practicals. But attending theoretical sessions is not compulsory.
I received the theory counselling schedule from by Bangalore RC and in that they have clearly mentioned that the student must maintain 75% attendance in both theory and lab.

I think better need to attend the theory and lab classes regularly to gain the knowledge. But some lecturere will not teach properly those classes can be skiped.
Mandatory 75% in theory is a new thing. I think IGNOU must have changed the rules now.
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