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MCS-031 :: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
5 reasons you should learn UX design

5 reasons you should learn UX design

User experience design is a combination of tools, methods, and frameworks that allow you to solve real problems and elevate a beautiful design into something truly functional, useful and enjoyable. There are so many reasons why you should get into UX design or brush up on your skills, and here are five of the most important ones...

01. Get to know the users better

User experience design is rooted in better understanding users in order to solve their problems, with as little fuss and as much joy as possible. UX designers spend much of their time speaking to users, learning how they go about their lives, and creating the best possible experience that addresses their problems.

By knowing how to better understand the people you design for, your designs will become that much more powerful.

02. Create designs that are both beautiful and functional

"Most people make the mistake of thinkin ...

by Updater009, Thursday, 24 July 2014 20:22 [ Read all ]
Regarding MCA convocation


I completed my MCA in June 2011 and got 59.4% of marks. I got convocation in 2011 August.

I wrote improvement and got increased 1.2% i.e, 60.6% and I applied for convocation in 2012. I received updated marks sheet and provisional certificates. But I haven't received my convocation.

How can I receive my updated convocation certificate?

What is the process to get updated MCA convocation?

Please reply this query sir. ...

by btbabu, Thursday, 24 July 2014 16:03 [ Read all ]
IGNOU Refund procedure

Hi, I was mistakenly registered for the optional mathematics subject - BCS12. I applied for the cancellation, and now it has been cancelled. Now, I need a refund for this as I paid the fees of this subject during my admission time. I talked to the RC regarding this, and they informed me that I need to apply for the scholarship. I don't have any idea what they were talking about. It took a lot of time for them to cancel this subject, Now I don't know how much time they will take to refund me the money back.

Can anyone tell me what is the procedure to apply for the refund ?

Thanks ...

by w3b012, Thursday, 24 July 2014 13:30 [ Read all ]
Jobs | Recruitment | Referrals | Interviews | Resume | Educational Opportunities
New-breed companies pay big bucks for IT talent

A new breed of technology companies is paying software engineers in India substantially more than traditional ones.

Companies like DevFactory, Exponential and Informatica are paying as much as Rs 20 lakh to Rs 40 lakh to talented freshers and mid-level programmers, many times more than the Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 6.5 lakh that large IT services companies pay.

user posted image

DevFactory, the R&D arm of enterprise software firm Trilogy, is paying a whopping Rs 24 lakh annually to freshers. It even offers a Rs 1-lakh joining bonus, very unusual at entry levels. DevFactory calls itself the world's first software factory — it focuses on doing higher quality work with fewer, but highly trained specialists. To quickly transform student recruits into tech professionals, it bundles into the compensation package ...

by santanu, Wednesday, 23 July 2014 08:00 [ Read all ]
Why the forum is Dead?

Why this forum is dead these days? No topics, no technical discussion, no new threads? Or does it get active only around papers and practicals? Once they are over then no one looks back?


by neerajrawat1, Sunday, 20 July 2014 22:48 [ Read all ]
Anyone from Vivekanand Institute of Computer Educa

Friends, is there anyone from the Vivekanand Institute of Computer Education, B-3, 45A, Yamuna Vihar?

My practical was there and I could not find their phone number in a random search, I saw the number there but forgot to note down as got engaged in a conversation with someone. I did ask their faculty if they have any website as in Google it shows an address of Hudson lane, can't say if its another branch or earlier were they running there. The faculty told me that they do have a Facebook page but could not locate it in FB.

Anyone has their contact number or Facebook page address or any blog or website if they are officially running?? The institute was good with a nice infrastructure one of its kind I ever saw in any institute of Ignou though the guy sitting adjacent to me told me that he saw institutes better than this one in Punjabi Bagh, but I did not. ...

by neerajrawat1, Saturday, 19 July 2014 12:14 [ Read all ]
Anyone taken Re-admission?

Hello friends,

Is there someone who has taken re-admission in Delhi? If yes then do let me know about the procedure. I am aware about the charges and do have the form with me but do I need to carry something else along with that like pics, grade card or something?

Do they also re-issue the admit card or does the old one works? Any particular thing that you would like to suggest so that I don't have to visit Ignou again and again, you all know how they work and that is why its better to discuss the things here to avoid number of visits there. ...

by neerajrawat1, Saturday, 19 July 2014 12:07 [ Read all ]
Duplicate ID Card

Anyone has ever applied or reissued a duplicate ID card? If yes then do let me know the procedure so that I can go and get a new one for myself. Is there really any need of filing an FIR?

What all documents like pics etc do we need to carry for the duplicate ID card and how much they are charging now for the same? Please do mention your state where you got it reissued ...

by neerajrawat1, Saturday, 19 July 2014 12:04 [ Read all ]
MCSP-060 :: Project (6th Semester) | MCS-044 :: Mini Project (4th Semester)

In my project, im using mdi forms and menu options.
Now i open a form let say A from the menu and that form displays data from database in datagridview. On double click event of datagridview cells it will move to another form lets say B, to update some data.

When the data gets updated and B form  is closed, it again goes to form A. Now i want to updata datagridview.

Im confused which event should i call so that when data is changed in form B and form B closes, form A automatically updates the data

Right now i am using a button to update datagridview.But i want it to be automatic.

by nikki, Friday, 18 July 2014 13:40 [ Read all ]
The 3 Minute SEO Guide

A beginner’s guide to ranking higher in search engines in 180 seconds or less.

Search Engines care about two things:

1.The “Stuff” that’s on your pages (text, images, etc.)
2.How many other pages are linking to your pages (these are called "Backlinks")

Good Content + Lots of Backlinks = Great Rankings! ...

by Updater009, Tuesday, 15 July 2014 20:14 [ Read all ]
About the IGNOU MCA Course
The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) IT course is conducted by IGNOU in the distance education mode. There are IGNOU MCA study centres all over India where MCA practical and theoretical sessions are conducted. IGNOU sends MCA study materials prepared by eminent faculties. In total, students of MCA have to undergo 540 hours of practical sessions and 143 hours of theoretical sessions during the 3 year duration of IGNOU MCA apart from self-study. The sessions of the MCA course begins twice a year - from January and July. It is also the most affordable and most up-to-date IT course in India. A graduation in any subject is the minimum eligibility criteria for admission to MCA. Although there is no entrance examination for admission to IGNOU MCA course and almost all applicants are granted admission, the IGNOU MCA course is tough and only the best will complete it successfully. There are a total of 31 papers in the IGNOU MCA course spread over 6 semesters including practical papers, two projects and three elective papers. The final semester of MCA comprises of a single project paper which is to be done under a guide or from an IT Organization. A degree of PGDCA is granted when a student clears all the papers of the 1st year and MCA is granted after completing all the papers successfully.

Eligibility : The eligibility for IGNOU MCA course is Graduation in any subject. Those who did not study Maths at 10+2 level need to register for CS-60 paper too.

Fees : Rs.9000/- for each of the 6 semesters of IGNOU MCA. Rs.1200/- for BCS-012, if required. Rs.60/- examination fee for each paper to be paid when re-registering for each semester of MCA. Course fee may increase later.

Recognition : IGNOU MCA is Recognized by Joint Committee comprising of UGC, AICTE and DEC. At par with all established MCA courses with similar recognition

Sessions : IGNOU MCA Course starts twice a year - from January and July.

Admission : Walk-in admission for IGNOU MCA course is conducted round the year. Also notified in newspapers and IGNOU website usually in March and September for respective semesters. There is no entrance examination. Students are admitted to IGNOU MCA as per seat availability.

Papers : There are 31 papers in IGNOU MCA, including practical papers, projects and theory papers spanning 6 semesters. Those who require to take CS-60 have to clear the same before admission to MCA 5th semester

Mode : IGNOU MCA is conducted in Distance Education mode. MCA Practical and theoretical classes are held at designated study centres usually on Saturdays and Sundays. 70% attendance in MCA practicals mandatory. Students need to submit assignments for each paper and take the Term End Exams. There are viva components in assignment, practical exam and projects. Lab work book have to be submitted for practical papers. IGNOU follows a credit system where 1 credit = 30 hours. MCA is a 108 credit programme. PGDCA is awarded after successful completion of the first year.

Duration : MCA is a 3 year programme. But it can be completed in a maximum of 6 years. If there are any leftover papers, one can take re-admission to complete the same. MCA Re-admission is valid for 2 more years.

Syllabus : IGNOU MCA Syllabus Details are available in IGNOU MCA Students' Forum (IMSF) or from the IGNOU MCA Programme Guide

Evaluation : Most of the papers of IGNOU MCA have a total of 100 marks while some of the papers have 50 marks as full marks. There are two components of the MCA papers - Assignment and Term End Examination. Assignments are to be submitted by the MCA students after solving them at home whereas Term End Examinations are conducted by the university twice a year during June and December. There is also a viva component of the Assignments in MCA. 75% of the marks scored by the student in the Term End Exam and 25% of the marks scored in the assignments for each paper of MCA are added up to determine the final marks of a student. However a student has to individually get 40% of the total marks in both the assignment and Term End Exam for each MCA paper to clear the paper. There is a Mini Project in the 4th semester having 100 marks and Final Project in the 6th semester of IGNOU MCA course, having 200 marks. There is a viva component in the practical papers as well as in the MCA projects and a student has to score 40% in the viva component of MCA projects to clear the project. In case of MCA practical papers, students are required to submit a lab manual and the evaluation is done on the basis of the marks obtained in Lab Manual+Viva+Term End Exam and at least 40% of the total has to be obtained to clear the practical paper.

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